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That pyro is a pie.
Great job, I recommend this to everyone.

I'm going to hell

I can't stop listening to it D:

Oh lawd

Pretty damn good. What did you use to make the flash aswell?
The graphics weren't the best and they was not the worst either.
Story was funny.
5/5 10/10

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Pretty good in my opinion, kind of creative. I was on the phone for two hours and this helped kill my boredem. Thank ya, 5/5 :D

My map :D
-18 1i 18 1i,-1d 1o -n 1n 0 1n k 1m 19 1n 20 1o 2p 1t 3m 21 4i 20 5k 22 6l 24 7l 22 8l 1q 9u 1k b8 1h cn 1h e1 1k fe 1o gs 1t ic 22 ju 28 lh 2b n4 28 oo 1v qa 1s re 22 sg 2a tq 2d un 2j 100 2k 11k 2h 12m 2e 13k 2f 14r 2e 168 2i 17e 2m 18f 2i 19d 2f 1ak 2e 1c2 2e 1dd 2a 1f1 2c 1ge 2c 1hq 2m 1j2 31 1k6 39 1lc 3d 1ml 3e 1o9 3i 1pp 3o 1rc 3t,1rc 3t 1sn 42 1u9 41 1vk 3q 20l 3m 21m 3d 230 37 24b 36 25k 3b 26k 3d 27m 3g 28t 3n 2a4 3v 2bk 45 2d5 48 2ee 46 2fe 48 2gd 4d 2hl 4k 2i7 5f 2jc 5h 2kk 5g 2lt 5h 2mv 5c 2nr 5a 2or 5c 2pk 5p 2pt 6b 2pf 73 2pj 84 2q4 93 2qc a3 2pu au 2qh bp 2qv ci 2ra dl 2ru em 2sp ft 2tg gp 2u9 hh 2vb ia 30f j7 31g k1 32k ku,32n kt 337 kp,331 kr 33n kv 349 l9 34t lg 35f ld 35s ku 358 kn 34k kq 340 kp 33c kg 32o k7 323 k4 31h k0,33u kg 34g k6 352 jt 35l js 36a k4 371 ke 380 kq 38n l4 37v l5 379 kt 36k kj 360 kb 359 k5 34k kc 33v km 33v k5,342 ju 33f k4 32s k2 329 k0 31e ju,33u k3 34e ju 34v jr,38h l2 37v le 379 le 36i lb 35p l9,35p kt 36e ku 370 l0 37j l3,33v js 34i jt,37l kl 389 kj 38q kh 397 kr 395 lc 38h li 37s lf,342 jq 34o js 35f ju 366 k1 36s k4 37h k6 387 k6 38q k5 39b k3 38m k5 380 k8 37e k9 36u kb,38u lb 39r ls 3b0 md 3c9 n0 3do nm 3eq o7 3fo on 3gj p5 3ha ph 3hu ps 3if q5 3iu qe 3je r0 3kd rl 3la s8 3m0 sp 3mh tb 3n6 u3 3o5 v0 3p5 vu 3q5 10i 3qp 10p 3qi 11g 3pt 11u 3pa 12d 3or 12u 3oh 13k 3ol 14c 3p5 150 3pt 15a 3qo 15f 3ri 15c 3s8 153 3t9 15f 3ua 168 3v9 16n 406 16c 410 160 41r 168 42m 16f 43s 164 44q 15m 45g 15k 464 163 46s 165 47k 164 48a 169 49c 16d 4al 16e 4bt 16d 4d2 168,4d2 168 4d0 15h 4dk 150 4e5 14j 4ee 13u 4f9 13v 4fp 14k 4g4 15d 4gi 162 4ha 16c 4if 16e 4jk 16e 4ks 16e 4lq 16e 4lq 15m 4mi 15p 4n8 164 4o3 16a 4p4 15v 4q6 15k 4r9 15j 4s7 15r 4ta 16a 4uk 16u 4vv 178 513 170 525 16q 53e 16q 54t 16f 55s 16e 56i 160 57g 162 58a 15u 58p 15c 59b 155 5a6 14v 5b0 14p 5bl 14q 5c8 14n 5cj 14a 5de 145 5e8 14c 5f7 14p 5fq 159 5gb 15u 5hg 16f 5ik 16k 5je 16f 5kb 16d 5l3 16n 5ll 176,5ll 176 5m9 17g 5n7 183 5ob 18p 5p2 194 5pp 18p 5qa 18b 5r1 18l 5rm 192 5sl 18l 5ti 18m 5u7 195 5ui 19r 5vn 1a0 60v 1a3 62g 1a9 63s 1ae,4be 163 4h4 12b,4bd 163 4ac 16o,4aq 16q 4hg 12e,4e3 148 4f5 133 4hh 10p,4e5 144 4di 14k,4hc 10v 4gk 162,4h2 114 4g8 15o,4hg 10s 4gs 166,4kp 169 4ml 14q,4kq 166 4js 16p,4ka 16p 4mp 14t,4ku 16m 4mu 153,4mi 14p 4o2 16l,4kj 166 4l9 16d,4l3 160 4ln 16c,4ln 15k 4lu 162,4m6 156 4mh 15j,63p 1ae 64g 1a1 657 19d 65q 18t 66a 18f 66s 186 67q 17s 68t 17g 6a0 173 6aq 16k 6b9 161,6b9 160 6b8 16n 6b8 17i 6b0 18f 6am 196 6an 1a6 6b2 1au 6as 1bn 6am 1ci 6ap 1dk 6ar 1e9 6b1 1f1 6at 1fp 6an 1gn 6ak 1hp 6ai 1j0 6al 1kc 6as 1lj 6b4 1mm 6b0 1np 6al 1p0 6a7 1qe 69r 1rn 69g 1t3 69f 1uf 69l 1vt 69v 20u 6ab 21r 6ak 231 6ap 24f 6ao 263 6ag 27b 6a2 28i 69i 29g 694 2am 68s 2c2 68o 2dm 68r 2f4 68v 2gm 695 2i9 69c 2jv 69g 2lk 69h 2na,63i 1aa 6fa 10n,67h 17r 6fh 111,67l 17p 644 1ah,68f 17k 6fn 116,6f9 10l 6fn 114,6fp 115 6fl 11l 68t 17i,66m 183 6fd 10t,6fj 11f 67k 17u,66n 17u 63r 1a9,6eg 12i 6q8 12n,6er 12a 6q3 12f 6q3 12m 6q5 14p,6ib 12j 6kc 15h,6io 12l 6kf 154 6lr 12l,6m9 12k 6km 15f,6kd 15i 6kb 18i,6ko 15b 6kn 1b9,6k9 18b 6k9 1b4 6j6 1bt,6ko 1b6 6lh 1bs,6j9 1bp 6ht 1ah,6lg 1bp 6mm 1aj,6hr 1ae 6j6 18q,6ml 1ag 6lc 18q,6j4 18o 6je 144,6le 18r 6lf 149,6j8 1bs 6kj 1cq,6lg 1bp 6kc 1cm,6in 1ac 6jf 1b0,6iq 1a9 6jk 19o,6jb 1aq 6jj 19o,6la 1a7 6la 1b1,6lc 1a7 6lv 1ah,6la 1b2 6lv 1ae,6ah 16l 6et 12l,6aj 16h 69s 176,69h 175 6ek 12n,6j3 138 6lg 136,6j9 13f 6lc 13c,6l5 12l 6kc 137,6k4 13e 6ji 13n,6jk 13t 6ke 13e,6kp 137 6le 12n,6ka 12k 6ka 136,6kh 12k 6kh 131,6ka 13c 6ka 14q,6kj 13b 6ki 14t,6m1 132 72f 18b,6m0 139 72a 18i,72e 18c 728 18h,6pu 12m 6pu 14m,6pt 131 6m6 12q,6m4 12s 6pv 135,6om 12o 6om 12v,6ot 12n 6ou 12s,6on 130 6on 143,6p0 131 6ou 147,6ov 135 6ov 12q,72e 189 7e7 18f,72c 18g 7e7 18l,7e7 18g 7e5 18m,72e 17r 71o 18k,71o 18n 72f 17t,72e 17v 72o 18t 72h 17s,71r 18h 732 18h,71q 18k 735 18j,72a 17m 71t 181,71s 181 71p 183,726 17p 72j 17d,722 181 72j 17i 72u 17g,722 183 71u 184,72f 17f 72i 17h

That's pretty good.

At first look, it really look like it was gonna suck.
But I played it then it got addicting <3

btw what's with the sumbit score?
5/5 10/10

RetroRex responds:

I do still play it once in a while, at some point u go into a zen state where u have both hands busy with the keyboard. Some backgrounds are purposely made annoying to distract you. If I do a sequel ill make each key with a different sound... who knows maybe crazy music can come out of it. Thanks for playing.


The cat lied to the internet
The paper pissed on the beer
The picture thought about the beer
The tree had fun with the stool
The magnet screwed the person
lol this is good to kill time

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Nuff said. Love this, guitar is simple, lyrics are creative. :]

Ceevro responds:

Thanks, dude!


Agreeable with Guffawer, but the main pitch is brutal :|.
Pretty good overall, kinda mixed with a party and rough it beat.

Dj187 responds:

Fair Fair, keep posted brutha, my stuff only get more wicked and more wicked man

It's very simple

Yet it's awesome I can't describe it. Yet it deserves a 10.

Eh, I'm a guy who quickly can adapt to anything and make the most out of it. I have low self-esteem, and generally hate people. If you somehow tolerate me, congratulations. Also, I'm extremely, extremely intelligent. It's because I worked at it I know.

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Nothing really.

Kicked out D:<

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